The 3F Elettronica s.n.c. after years of design and manufacturing for third parties, is present today with its products.


     The headquarters is located in the province Brescia - Italy

     Legal Headquarters
     Via Sottopassaggio, 99
     Operative Headquarters
     Via Schiannini, 33
     25011 Calcinato
     Brescia - Italy     

Brief introduction of our company, specializing in electronic design. 3F Elettronica has developed projects for machinery textile, food, electromedical, nuclear.

In the textile industry, we have developed adapters to customer specifications for handling artifacts.

In feeding cards designed for production equipment ices; pasteurizers, batch freezers, etc. for industrial production.

Systems for vending machines of liquid and packed, consisting of coin acceptors and telecommunication systems.

In medical engineering vision systems via dedicated camera and image processing.

Nuclear radiation detection systems in and out from metallurgical plants, landfills and portable instrumentation.

3F Elettronica, founded in 1986, has a long experience in the construction of electronic devices based on customer specifications.

The company, of small dimensions, allows the realization of projects quickly and at low cost.

In our laboratory we have modern and efficient equipment for a cutting-edge design, we work with the latest processors 16/32 bit, planned language "c".

We develop the project completely: circuit diagrams, printed circuit routing 2 or 4 layers, prototype construction / the assistance approval and eventual production.

Systems based on trading cards for personal computers programmed in "c ++, c-sharp". PLC-based systems and software development code "Codesys" and Omron systems.

CanBus communication protocols; ethernet; .mdb And Executiv specific coin and card readers.

Two-way radio remote control with graphic display, 2.4GHz band (free band), full container handheld, rechargeable batteries and chargers. If necessary we provide advice and / or manufacture mechanical parts in support of the electronic part.